Hugo Race Fatalists’ new album “We never had control” will be presented in the European tour beginning in the end of november. The chemistry between Race and Sacri Cuori has blossomed on the stage and it’s here that Fatalists communicate in the best way, even more directly, the emotions stopped and captured in this already impressive record.

These are the dates of the Italian tour:

21/11 Roma / Rai 2 – Moby Dick

22/11 Roma / Init

23/11 Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari) – Oasi San Martino

24/11 Salerno / Mumble Rumble

25/11 Firenze – Casa del Popolo – Settignano (FI)

26/11 Milano / LoFi

27/11 Bologna / Chets Club

28/11 Milano / FNAC

28/11 Cremona / Fico

29/11 Bergamo / Druso Circus

30/11 Brescia / Lio Bar

01/12 Ferrara / Zuni


Hugo Race Fatalists

“We Never Had Control”

CD Gusstaff/Interbang GRAM1203/IBR013CD

LP Interbang/Rough Velvet IBR013/RVRLP1

Distributors: Kudos / Broken Silence / Goodfellas

Release Date: CD 28/09/2012 – LP 02/11/12


The Australian songwriter Hugo Race and the Italian musicians Antonio Gramentieri and Diego Sapignoli (from Sacri Cuori) get to like it: they adopt the title of the first album of their collaboration (“Fatalists”, 2010) as name of the project to formalize an extraordinary personal and artistic tuning that is confirmed by this second episod – vinyl by Interbang and cd by Gusstaff/Interbang.

“We Never Had Control” is the result of only 5 days spent at Franco Naddei’s Cosabeatstudio in Villafranca (Forlì), in novembre 2011: an organic and homogeneous work, a sort of concept album around a “fatalistic vision of a world gone wrong whose single saving grace is the power of love”, as Hugo Race says.

All the typical elements of Hugo Race’s musical path are present here in a harmonious equilibrium: sunburned folk-blues and desert-rock obscured by dark electronic grafts. Hugo’s voice is a hallmark that makes you shiver: confidential, intimate and painful in the most rarefied episodes, it becomes sharp and angry when the rhythms become more intense, as in No Sterotype, in which he sings the strenght of the singularity (“one of a million, one of a kind”) and seems to evoke a possible escape form a “world gone wrong” mantioned above. Both in the slower tracks (Dopefiends, No Angel Fear to Tread, Shining Light, We Never Had Control) and the more syncopated and strong Ghostwriter, Meaning Gone, Snowblind, the mentioned No Stereotype),  they are all characterized by a circularity that enhances the details and that leaves to every piece the right time and the right spaces

For example, the guitars: Race’s steelstring but expecially the Gramentieri’s ones, of every kind and feature. He passes from lunar soundscapes to acid razor strokes. Or the drumming of Sapignoli: really skilled in drawing ephemeral and hazy boundaries where the songwriting asks for waitings and dilatations , “metronomic” and tight when he needs to push and to release the percussive paraphernalia.

Very important the contribution of the other musicians who join the three “fatalists”: the valuable work of Francesco Giampaoli (a full member of Sacri Cuori, now), the violin of Vicky Brown (Calexico, Steve Wynn, Jesse Sykes etc), the synth of Franco Taddei giving a metaphisical and transcendental aura to the whole album and the female backing vocals that peek out here and there (alienating the one of  Violetta Del Conte Race in the title track)



1. Dopefiends

2. Ghostwriter

3. Meaning Gone

4. Snowblind

5. No Angel Fear To Tread

6. Shining Light

7. No Stereotype

8. We Never Had Control


Hugo Race – vocals, steelstring guitar, keys

Antonio Gramentieri –electric guitar, lapsteel, baritone guitar, bass

Diego Sapignoli – drums, congas, balafon, treated percussion

Franco Naddei – synthesizers

Francesco Giampaoli – double bass

Vicki Brown – violin, vocals

Catherine Graindorge – violin, viola  (Shining Light, We Never Had Control)

Violetta DelConte Race – vocals (Meaning Gone, We Never Had Control)

Hellhound Brown – vocals (Dopefiends)


Recorded e mixed at Franco Naddei’s Cosabeatstudio (Villafranca-Forlì, Italia)

Produced by Hugo Race & Antonio Gramentieri

Cover design by Alannah Hill

Photographed by Dejan Patic @ Fotomorgana, Berlin

Sky photography by Christopher Race


Hugo Race is available for interviews. Please, contact Marco Stangherlin / Wakeupandream | | 3497702287 | skype: wakeupandream72