Waiting for Populous new album Night Safari: Brasilia, the first single

Here we are! Brasilia, the first single taken from Night Safari, the new album of Populous is out!

The track is a tropical journey, voted to excess, in which vocals in autotune meet butacada rhythms, passing through ambient.
The single sees also the featuring of Giorgio Tuma (he has already worked with Erlend Oye, Young Dreams, Michael Andrews and Letitia Sadier from Stereolab).

After six years from his last LP (Drawn in basic / Morr Music), and with the experience of Life & Limb (side project together with MC Shirt Stories) and Girl with the Gun (feat. Matilde Davoli from Studio Davoli) on the back, Populous is back to explore his solo dimension.
Night Safari will sprout the next 29th of September for Folk Wisdom (vinyls and Cds) and bad Panda Records (Digital). The record will see many guests such as DJ Khalab, Clap! Clap!, Digi G’Alessio, Iokoi and the Japanese singer Cuushe.

Night Safari is the second issue by Folk Wisdom, the electronic sub label of Interbang Records.