Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo: John Lee Hooker’s World Today – Tour 2017

World Today cover

Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo: John Lee Hooker’s World Today 

Release date May 19th, 2017 through Glitterhouse Records and Gusstaff Records in Europe.

Race and Russo will tour JLH’s World Today through Europe, October/November 2017:

24.10  CH    Geneva – Le Bouffon

26.10  I        Seregno (Milan) – Tambourine

27.10  I        Cagliari – Fabrik

28.10  I        Settimo Torinese (Torino) – La Suonaria

29.10  I        Vitulazio – Mr. Rolly’s

30.10  I        Avellino – Godot’s

31.10  I        Magione – Teatro Mengoni

01.11  I        Siena – Bottega Roots

02.11  I        Venezia, San Dona di Piave – Teatro dei Pazzi

03.11  I        Firenze – Teatro Il Progresso

04.11  CH    Zurich – EL Lokal

05.11  CH    Luzern – Sedel

07.11  D       Padeborn – Theatre Deerenhaus

10.11 SL       Ljubljana – Pinelina

11.11   SL     Novo Mesto – KC Janez Trdine

12.11  A       Vienna – Chelsea

13.11 RS      Belgrade – KC Grad

14.11 RS      Klavodo – Fusion Klub

15.11 RS      Novi Sad – Starlit

17.11  CZ     Bystre – Elada

18.11 CZ      Sumperk – Blues Alive Festival

22.11 PL      Poznan – Meskalina

23.11 PL      Krakow – Alchemia

24.11  PL     Lowicz – Tipes Topes festival

27.11 D        Berlin



Hugo Race and Michelangelo Russo are no strangers to either Hooker or the blues.

Hailed as a supreme influence on the music of their band Hugo Race & The True Spirit, Race and Russo’s reimagining of Hooker is simultaneously blues, electronica, avant-garde and ambient, a homage to one of the greats of rock and roll prehistory.

Recorded in a single, continuous day and night live session at the Berlin studio of Einsturzende Neubauten engineer Boris Wilsdorf, this is an epic album of sonic sorcery suspended in time and place, looking back through twenty-first century eyes at John Lee Hooker’s delta blues legacy in a swirling mix of analogue grit and deep trance pulses on the 100th anniversary of Hooker’s birth.


Race & Russo’s most recent releases as Hugo Race & The True Spirit are 2015’s ‘The Spirit’ LP and the ‘False Idols’ EP (Glitterhouse Records), for which the band performed some 100 concerts worldwide to critical and commercial acclaim:

Rolling Stone, Germany: ‘Dark Eros and transcendental blues…’

Q, London: ‘A darkly singular experience then, and one of the best records he’s ever made…’

The Music, Australia: ‘A bluesy, brooding collection of songs by a talented singer songwriter with three decades of musical prowess behind him.’

Eclipsed, Germany: ‘Stomping grooves and eerie guitars, this album tingles under your skin…’

Focus Kultur, Germany: ‘No one else makes music quite like this, and that in itself is an achievement…’

Rock and Folk, Paris: ‘This voyager without frontiers advances through a menacing atmosphere of no-wave electroacoustics. There is the spirit here, and it doesn’t forget the body and the soul…’