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Folk Wisdom – Davide Rufini Mastropasqua
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10249 Berlin, Germany
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Davide: –  0049 (0)1744618925

Elisa: – 0049 (0)17665799949


Demo submissions:

Dear musicians, our policy is to release records only for artists we really love. Sad to say, but nowadays the record market is saturated, and it is very hard to sell enough copies to cover the expenses. Releasing an album is mostly just a good way to promote a new music project. Because of that, we decided to offer to artists who would like to release an album on Interbang a production/promotion/distribution service, for a reasonable price. Of course, this offer is valid only for albums we would like to have on our catalog ; )
Please contact us only if you are interested in this kind of deal, thanks.



Interbang was named after a little-known low-budget Italian TV series, broadcast just once in Italy on Odeon TV and in the UK on The Children’s Channel in the late 1980s and then on the Terrestrial Channel ITV, then nobody knew anymore about it, so for a long time many people even doubted to have seen it, till someone started to talk again about it on the web.
The series featured two teenagers, Gianni and Bruno, who were trying to collect a number of special souvenir statues of the Pisa Leaning Tower, scattered all across the world, whilst trying to prevent a group of criminals also getting their hands on the statues. Each statue granted its holder a different magical ability. Each episode a different statue would be recovered by one of the opposing sides, with each statue displaying a different coloured version of an interrobang.
The spirit of adventure, the several settings of each episode, a genuine irony, an unassuming home-made production, not belittling at all the quality of the project; all this, together with its absolute unavailability (only the superb opening theme is available on youtube), makes of Interbang the best representation of our idea of music: adventurous, mysterious, genuine, easy, ironic, ingenious, honest, rare, precious, independent!