• anuseye2

The Italian rock scene is full of good imitators and experienced hirelings. Italian artists taking part to the international scene are very rare. The guitarist-singer-songwriter Claudio Colaianni is surely one of these. In the early ninties, together with the bass player Michele Rossiello, he created one of the most relevant project of the underground psych-stoner scene, the That’s All Folks, standing out the local situation and interacting with the most important figures and circles of that genre.

The first single “I Hate That’s All Folks” came out in the 1994, followed by a split with Nebula, the new band by ex-Fu Manchu Eddie Glass e Ruben Romano, in the 1997. In the 2000 the first LP “Soma… 3rd Way To Zion” (Beard of Stars Records) finally came out, and it’s still considered one of the best productions of underground straddle the two millenniums; in the 2003 the second album “Psyche As One Of The Fine Arts” (Beard Of Stars Records) confirmed the quality of the project.
But just these close relationships with international artists, crucial in the creation of a thriving and personal sound, was also the cause of their split-up: Michele Rossiello moved to London and formed a new band with Laurence O’Toole from Hypnosis e Gary Ramon from Sun Dial, the Atomic Workers.
On his side, Colaianni in these years continued his musical research, trying to go beyond the abused stoner-rock genre by that time, taking new ideas from blues, early hard rock and proto-punk, without losing his peculiar lysergic spirit.
After 20 years from its birth, the T.A.F. came back for a special production that forecasted a new phase of Colaianni career: a 7” split vinyl on Nasoni Records with his new project Anuseye, formed with the T.A.F. guitarist Luca Stero,and a new rhythm section made up of the bass player Michele Valla and the drummer Antonello Carrante.