Eugene Chadbourne “Roll Over Berlosconi”

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Artist: Eugene Chadbourne (USA)
Album: “Roll Over Berlosconi”
Format: gatefold coloured LP +MP3
Catalog number: IBR001
Genre: avant/country/folk
Quantity: 999 numbered copies (first 333 include a numbered and signed poster)
Release date: 20/02/10

We are glad to inaugurate this new label with an artist that we feel very close, artistically and personally: a musician completely out of any formula, trend, and time too, as well as we want our label has to be. An eternal traveller that breaks all the rules of the blues, country, rock, folk, jazz, keeping himself always unique and unmistakable. He looks funny, strange, crazy, but he is morally and politically lucid and uncompromising; and during his shows all kind of audiences, even the more orthodox ones, always fall in love with him for his contagious freshness and genuineness.

Chadbourne come back on vinyl after 10 years with “Roll over Berlosconi”, an album that takes his name from a song that will be easily a new hymn against any form of abuse of authority and power, an argument always he hold dear.

The record contains some new songs (a cover of “Birthday”, from Beatles white album; “Roll over Berlosconi”, that talk about the Italian prime minister “adventures” in a chuck Berry style; the moving “Birthday song”, and the amazing “Election Song”, inspired by the last american election period) and new versions of some of his classics: an endless work of rewriting that is peculiar of his artistic career.

The entire album privileges the song-writing side of doc Chad more than the strict experimental side, the part of his work that better shows the “twilight zone” between pop music and avant-garde, that is the world we want to investigate. The superb cover is by the croatian artist Miro Zupa.


Side A:

1. Birthday [2:24]
2. Roll over berlosconi [3:37]
3. I cut the wrong man [3:29]
4. Cop died for golf course [3:28]
5. Breakin’ the law everyday [6:39]
6. Land of use to be [6:22]

Side B:

1. Birthday song [6:43]
2. Our daily lead [3:09]
3. National propaganda radio [3:21]
4. Old piano [5:23]
5. Election song [3:01]
6. Dreamt I was young again [3:23]