Jad Fair & Gilles-Vincent Rieder “Songs From A Haunted House”

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Artist: Jad Fair & Gilles-Vincent Rieder (USA)
Album: “Songs From A Hauted House”
Lenght: 49:09
Format: CD / Yellow LP + MP3 w/ bonus EP
Catalog Number: IBR009CD / IBR009
Genre: psych rock
Release Date: 13/04/12
Distributor: Broken Silence

Jad Fair and Gilles-Vincent Rieder, are respectively the singer-guitarist and the drummer of the Half Japanese, one of the prominent underground american band, active since 1974. Fair, with both Half Japanese and his solo carreer, has always been distinguished for his stylistic versatility and productive prolificity. From lo-fi primitivism to melodic songwriting, from naif avantgarde to the most crooked pop.

From the end of the 80?s Jad dives into many collaborations with various indie-rock artists like Teenage Fanclub, Yo La Tengo, The Pastels, Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and first of all Daniel Johnston, an artist very close to Jad for attitude and artistic spirit.

In ’91 Fair and Rieder record a four-handed album, called “Monster Party” (Kitty Kitty Records). The title has been reprised in 2004, this time as moniker of their duo project, for a new album, that features Dallas Good, guitarist of Phono-comb, in some tracks.

The new record, entitled “Haunted House”, is released in cd format by the scottish label MRW44, but, due to personal troubles of the label’s owner, the realese is blocked.

Today, Interbang Records, always caring to the (re)discovering of special projects and little gems hidden in the survey of the most transversal independent music, recovers that lost album, selecting the most interesting tracks and offering, in this way, the chance for the Jad Fair fans to own and listen to one of his most successfull and seductive works.

The album ranges over noise oriented hits as Go Go Go and I’m Your Machine and dreamy ballads as The World Is Right and The Mothership, the claustrophobic atmospheres of He’s Got Nothing and Just A Monkey (just like Wall Of Voodoo on amphetamine), unusual funk bombs as Peppermint Bubblegum and voodoo-soul as The Vampires Are Here, the desert rock of We’ve Got It Made and the rock steady of Sunshine and The Phantom, the lovely litany Evil Hands, and a sort of bolero, The Storm, that Ravel would have appreciated, lisergic trips like The Wild Group and Demon Seed (similar to the best moments of Death In Vegas) and the alcoholic etno-music of Number One Pest and Only Then, up to the catharsis of Goat Creatures.

The LP version contains a download code for the whole album + digital bonus EP “Outside The Haunted House” (not on the cd version)

As usual, the album artwork is made by Jad Fair himself, that in the past years has carried on, with passion, a collateral carreer as graphic artist, as the numerous exhibitions in Europe and U.S.A. and in numerous artwork published demonstrate.


Side A

01. Go Go Go 2:00
02. Peppermint Bubblegum 3:09
03. The Vampires Are Here 2:16
04. Just A Monkey 2:35
05. Sunshine 1:30
06. Evil Hands 3:16
07. Demon Seed 6:26
08. The Phantom 3:24

Side B

01. I’m Your Machine 2:27
02. The World Is Right 3:15
03. The Mothership 2:17
04. The Wild Group 3:28
05. We’ve Got It Made 1:45
06. Number One Pest 2:12
07. The Storm 1:42
08. He’s Got Nothing 1:56
09. Only Then 2:04
10. Goat Creatures 3:36

“Outside The Haunted House” EP

01. Monsters 2:14
02. Boom Boom Booboom 1:51
03. Waiting For The Dirt 3:33
04. Hopping Things Will Get Better