Mèsico “Pure and Shining”

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Pure and Shining is the new album from Mèsico – the solo musical project of Paolo Mazzacani (Tempelhof.)

In this work, Mèsico revisits some of his primary influences, mixing synthesizers with guitars, instrumental tracks with ballads, and electronic beats with organic rhythms. This wide-ranging mix of styles is in order to create a sort of picture painted with different techniques and layers.

Say Mezzacani on Pure and Shining: « Every song has a deep significance for me – they are totally inspired by my life experience. Every tune was written in different moments, and every lyrics tells about people or places I fell in love with over the last several years. This album is my personal attempt to keep everything together in a strong, endless embrace. »

All songs have been written, recorded and mixed by Paolo Mazzacani at Solitude Studio.
Paolo Degiuli plays trumpet in A Beautiful Bride.
Cover photo by Janine Billy.
Artwork by Nicolas Campagnari.