Sacri Cuori “Douglas & Dawn”


Artist: Sacri Cuori (IT / USA)
Album: “Douglas & Dawn”
Format: hand-numbered 180 gr white vinyl LP + MP3 / 2nd Edition unnumbered black LP + MP3
Catalog Number: IBR003
Genre: desert rock / soundtracks
Street date: 06/10

Sacri Cuori is a real super-group built up to record a handful of intense instrumental songs (except Bob Dylan’s “Shelter from the storm” sung by Howe Gelb) originally created as soundtrack for a visual progect by Heriz Bhodi Anam and now finally proposed as album on vinyl.
This incredibile work involved great personages of the american rock scene and not only: John Convertino, Jacob Valenzuela and Nick Luca from Calexico, Howe Gelb, Anders Pedersen and Thøger Lund from Giant Sand, Bill Elm from Friend of Dean Martinez, Marc Ribot, James Chance, John Parish (he also mixed the songs), as well as the italian musicians Massimo Sbaragli, Christian Ravaglioli, Diego Sapignoli, Rico Farnedi, Denis Valentini, Mirko Monduzzi and Andrea Costa. An unrepeatable experience that deserved to be on vinyl.


John Convertino – drums, percussion, vibes
Howe Gelb – piano, guitars
Antonio Gramentieri – guitars, lapsteel, keys
Nick Luca – piano, organs, rhodes, wurlitzer, guitar
Thøger Lund – casio sk10, bass, guitar
Massimo Sbaragli – double bass


Christian Ravaglioli – oboe, duduk on House of Dust and De monde
Marc Ribot – guitar on House of Dust and Blind Hombre
Bill Elm – lapsteel and organ on Flatlands
James Chance – sax on Orbit, piano on The Ghost Track
John Parish – voice on Chrome
Jacob Valenzuela – trumpet on Hidalgo Drive and Flatlands
Anders Pedersen – lapsteel on House of Dust
Rico Farnedi – trumpet on De Monde
Diego Sapignoli – percussions on House of Dust and Zorro
Denis Valentini – percussions on House of Dust
Mirko Monduzzi – slide guitar on De Monde
Andrea Costa – violin on Douglas


Side A

1. Blind Hombre
2. Gellers
3. Zorro
4. Uno
5. Orbit
6. Chrome
7. House of Dust
8. The Ghost Track

Side B

1. Ground
2. Hidalgo Drive
3. Shelter from the Storm
4. Flatlands
5. Shawn
6. De Monde
7. Douglas
8. When I Stumble