The Wave Pictures “Susan Rode The Cyclone”


Artist: The Wave Pictures (UK)
Album: “Susan Rode The Cyclone”
Format: clear vinyl LP + MP3
Catalogue number: IBR002
Genre: lo-fi folk / new wave
Quantity: 299 copies
Release date: 20/04/10
Distributor: Broken silence

We are sure this new album from WP (the 10th, considering also the self-productions) will be that of the their definitive consacration in the indie scene. After the excellent “Instant Coffee Baby” and “If You Leave It Alone”, that run them to the International fame, “Susan Rode The Cyclone” totally confirms the quality in composition and writing of the trio from Leicestershire, and also their main benchmarks: The Modern Lovers, The Television, The Velvet Underground, The Smiths, and of course their friends Herman Dune.

Still scraggy style, scratching guitars, hypnotic rhythms, psychedelic proto-punk, but also delightful folk ballads and overwhelming pop moments. The lyrics by Tattersall are always smart and surreal, full of romantic confidences, private tales, funny expressions, domestic atmospheres; the three guys are still animated by a lo-fi attitude, and characterized by an easy, provincial, honest look, that remembers the grunge iconography. A band that, far away from the London music way of the disposable “new sensation”, developed an own personal sound during more than 10 years of activity, often avoiding the footlights. All this allowed themselves to built an own true, genuine, careful, and faithful audience, as all those bands that make really something in the pop music history. This new album of fine new wave contains 10 new great songs that grow up with several listenings: from the enthralling opening track “Kittens” passing through the popping “I shall be a ditchdigger” and “I just want to be your friend”, the melancholic “Sweet heart” and “Throwing words”, the ballads “Blind drunk” and “American Boom”, till the intense and dreamy “Marie again” and the title track.


Side A

I shall be a ditchdigger
Sweet heart
Cinnamon baby
Throwing words

Side B

I just want to be your friend
Blind drunk
Marie again
Susan rode the ciclone
American boom