Woody Jackson “Dos Manos”

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Album: “DOS MANOS”
Format: CD / Orange LP + MP3
Lenght: 38:14
Catalog Number: IBR010
Genre: soundtracks/ desert rock
Release Date: 07/12
Distributor: Broken Silence

Woody Jackson is one of the cult composers of the Los Angeles new scene. His very special rereadings of west and noir genres have been integral parts of the resounding success of two videogames such as Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire that sold more than 10 millions copies.

The release of the new work, “Dos Manos” (a new soundtrack) came out on july 2012, with the production of David Holmes and the patecipation of John Convertino (Calexico) and Sacri Cuori. The release will be on Interbang Records/ Brutture Moderne in collaboration with Strade Blu.


1. Prisoner of Fate 3:36
2. Macadam Cowboy 10:02
3. Shadowing 3:19
4. Sleep Awake 0:36
5. The Condor 5:46
6. A Right To 0:32
7. Ambrosia 3:37
8. El Moors 0:29
9. Midnight Moon 8:16
10. A Tear in the Air 2:09